We are a team of motivated developers who love using technology to solve complex business problems. We also love Super Smash Brothers and Leeann Chin.

This isn't our first rodeo.

We may look young, but we started building websites back in 1998. We have been focusing on developing native iOS and Android applications since 2012. When you hire the Jed Mahonis Group to build your app, you are hiring an experienced and competent technology team.

The Jed Mahonis Group at the Annual Holiday Party 2014

We're in St. Louis Park, right on the Cedar Lake Trail

We are proud to be based in the Twin Cities. Being located in our client's backyard gives us the opportunity to work in person to solve problems together. We also love having clients come by our office and challenge us to a little Super Smash Brothers (and, occasionally, to get some work done).

Who is The Jed Mahonis Group?

About tim b
Tim Bornholdt
About rob
Robert Bentley

Wait a minute... no one in that list was named "Jed Mahonis!"

That's true. In high school, Rob and Tim were anchors on the TV school announcements, and they decided they needed cool news anchor names. Rob used the "Scott Mahonis" pen name he developed in third grade, and Tim came up with "Jed Harrison" on the spot. When starting the JMG, they took the two weirdest parts of their names and mashed 'em together (because "Scott Harrison" just doesn't have the same ring to it).

Rob and Tim anchoring the Richfield High School announcements in 2005