Meet Our New Team Member: Sam!

by Jenny Karkowski · Published on June 22, 2020

Meet sam

Meet Sam, the newest member on the JMG team! Sam is our Project Management Assistant, and we could tell you all about her and her role at JMG, but who better to do that than Sam herself.


Tell us your background and what brought you to JMG.

My name is Samantha. I like to go by Sam though. I’m originally from Indiana, but have moved to many places the last few years, Nashville, Chicago, and Las Vegas being a few of them. Six months ago during the coldest part of the year, I ended up here, and it has been an interesting ride to say the least, but I am really enjoying it so far.

In the past for work, I was a server/bartender, and I am also a licensed cosmetologist/barber. My family owned a restaurant in downtown Chicago, so for a long time the service industry was my main focus. Who would’ve thought this was the path I would have ended up on. It's a weird, weird world, but I dig it!

What is your role at JMG and when might someone work with you?

Project Management Assistant is the role I play here at JMG. I'm still getting my feet wet in my new position, so Trello is my saving grace when it comes to project management. I have an individual board for each app, and I do my best to keep those boards organized by adding tasks and to-do lists for the developers, testing them, and moving them when complete. That is an ongoing process that fills up a lot of my day.

I also join business calls to take notes of anything important that might come up, and do my best to keep Rob and Tim’s calendar filled with fun business meetings!

I also do a lot of QA work, which is something I actually really enjoy. I test out the apps the developers are working on, on both iOS and Android.

Being fresh to the tech world, what are some of the first things you’ve learned about app development?

What I have learned about app development is there is more to it than meets the eye. A lot more!

Going from being on the outside of an app, just a daily user of them, you have no idea how much dedication and thought goes into making them into what they are. It's pretty incredible. When something is well designed and simple, you assume it is easy, but it’s actually the exact opposite.

Something that was definitely new for me was the language, things such as API, APK, UI, Backend, and many more. I was extremely happy to see the mobile app development glossary to say the least. Oh and Unix Epoch, learned what that was on my third day.

If you start a project with us, you might work with Sam, or at the very least, she’ll be working in the background to keep everything on track. See more of the JMG team here.

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