Version 3 of The Jed Mahonis Group Website is Now Here!

by Tim Bornholdt · Published on February 15, 2016


Welcome to version 3 of The Jed Mahonis Group's website! It's been more than a thousand days since we've updated our site; as the old saying goes, the carpenter's house is always the last one to be remodeled. Nevertheless, we hope you like our new look!

With our new site, we've been able to overhaul quite a bit of the site, including the following:

  • Our group received a nice brand overhaul from the incredibly talented Paul Carroll. Hope you are digging that happy-looking yellow!
  • We completely rewrote the entire site in Ruby on Rails, since we like to try and practice what we preach. This kind of caused some minor discomfort as we needed to manually migrate all of our blog posts off of Wordpress and into our own custom blog engine, but it allowed us to roll out a pretty cool new contact form. If you're looking to build a new mobile app for your business today, you should test it out!
  • Our projects page is updated to show off some of our favorite apps we've worked on.
  • Everyone's philosophies evolve over time, and ours is no exception. We wanted to go further into detail about our development style and process, and our new philosophy page is no exception. Hopefully at some point soon, I'll stop typing "philosohpy" instead of "philosophy". (Also, special shoutout to Fin Delahanty for the awesome artwork on this page!)
  • Finally, we got a chance to show off our personality a bit on our about page. Now there is a canonical place for people to figure out where Rob and I got "Jed Mahonis" from.

Please dig around the site and let us know what you think!

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