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Do you know Android? Have you been working with Kotlin and/or Java for a few years?

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Why work for The Jed Mahonis Group?

Whether you have a year of experience or 20 years’ experience, we hire based on “fit” more than “skill.” We’ve seen success many times over by hiring smart people and giving them the resources and freedom to do their job, so we don’t have a long list of preferred work history experiences like most job listings.

What makes a good employee at JMG?

We place an emphasis on hiring for "fit" as opposed to "skills". Skills can absolutely be taught and fostered through mentorship and experience. Fit, on the other hand, is a lot harder to define, but here are some traits we value:

Our ideal employee is:

  • Hungry. They want to be given a chance to prove themselves. Once they get a chance, they knock it out of the park.
  • Self-reliant. Once given a task, it is up to them to own the task, make sure they understand what it takes to complete it, and then get it done.
  • Inquisitive. They ask a ton of questions and know that they won't "look dumb" by asking an "obvious" question. They also use time on the clock to learn new skills through side projects and education.
  • Productive. They are able to take their work and get it done efficiently. They don't get paid to sit in meetings or “appear” busy. If they get their “40 hours of work” done in 25 hours, great!
  • Good at communication. They understand the importance of communicating, especially when working remotely. DMs are necessary for truly confidential conversations, but they understand that everyone benefits when a conversation takes place in the open.
  • Not a jerk. We don’t hire jerks. We also don’t take jerks on as clients. Everyone has a bad day, but our ideal employee would never routinely make others feel oppressed, humiliated, or otherwise worse about themselves.
  • Human. Humans are not perfect, so we don't expect perfection... but we are going to make it right. Failure is part of life, and a necessary part of building cutting-edge technology. As long as they learn from their mistakes and do what it takes to correct them, our team is very forgiving of other's mistakes.
  • Vested in our client's success. Our product is not unique; there are a ton of custom software development companies out there. What sets our team apart is our customer's experience. Our clients will be so pleased with their development experience that they have to shout our praises from the mountaintops. Our ideal employee takes this to heart and knows that our success is contingent upon the success of our clients.
  • If you find yourself nodding along with these values, then please reach out to us and say hi! We are always looking for the ideal fit, so even if you aren't currently looking for a job, let's get the conversation started.

Cool, but what do I get for working with you?

Competitive Salary
Challenging and Interesting Work
Talented Team of Coworkers
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Remote Working
Flexible Time Off
Frequent Games of Super Smash Bros.

So what's my job, exactly?

As an Android developer for The Jed Mahonis Group, you'll be tasked with building Android apps using native technologies for our various clients.

We have a great mix of existing projects that we've maintained for years built using both Java and Kotlin, as well as building brand new apps from scratch.

When working in existing codebases, you'll be fixing bugs and adding in new features.

When building new apps from scratch, you'll get a say in the architecture of the app. Wanna try MVVM? Wanna stick to something tried and true? Let's work together to pick the best option for the client!

A typical day for an Android developer is usually different from the day before. Some days, you'll be focusing hard on getting a new project out the door. Others, you'll be popping in and out of several codebases to fix small bugs in each of them.

We want our developers to be autonomous and flexible. This requires relatively frequent communication among the entire team (which includes our clients), so when we say we want someone who is "good at communication," that is not just meaningless corporate speak. We trust you to get your work done and ask as many questions as necessary until you've got a clear understanding of both the problem and solution.

We also want you to grow as a developer and do your best work. If you decide you want to explore a new technology or attend a conference, we will do everything we can to support you.

We also expect you to take time off. Developing apps is tough, and as far as Android development goes, we get that you spend a fair amount of time slamming your head against a keyboard battling Android Studio. Taking time off to spend with your friends and family (or just taking a half day here and there to go on a hike or hit up a brewery) is highly encouraged.

To sum it up: your job is to own the success of several of our Android apps by writing code, investigating and solving issues, and strategizing how to make them better.

Ready to work with us?

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