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Here's how we can help you:

App Consultation App Consultation

Bring us your idea. We'll work with you to figure out how to bring that idea to life. (We'll also be honest and tell you if the idea is a complete turd.) View our Pricing page to learn about our App Validation Process.

Strategy Strategy

The "gold rush" is over. These days, the only companies who make money in mobile are ones which have a plan for doing so. We help you figure out the best way to turn a profit with your app.

Improve an Existing App Improve an Existing App

You've already got an app, but you need a new team to pick up where your old one left off. We can inherit your codebase and come up with a plan for fixing issues and adding new features.

Design Design

We have a talented team of designers, but their job is more than making pretty pictures. We make sure your app is intuitive, sleek, and adheres to the ever-changing standards in mobile.

App Development App Development

Instead of using a "one size fits all" framework which makes your app feel slow and quirky, we use native frameworks which make your iOS and Android app feel fast and professional. View our Pricing page to learn what mobile app development costs.

Backend Development Backend Development

We use an industry-standard, battle-tested framework called Ruby on Rails to build a cloud-based infrastructure for your app, which can scale to support as many users as you can throw at it.

Testing Testing

Regression testing, automated testing, and good ol' fashioned quality assurance are what we use to make sure your app is fast, stable, and reliable.

Deployment Deployment

We'll help you navigate the app store submission process, fire up the servers, and get the app in the hands of your first real users. We also throw a mean pizza party.

Support Support

Operating systems change. Users request new features. Crashes happen. As your app grows, we're there to help keep it working like it did on day one. View our Pricing page to see what it costs to support custom software.

What sets our team apart?

We could insert enough fancy buzzwords here to make your head spin, but ultimately we want to do more than tell you what makes us different. We want to show you with client references, case studies, and live apps you can download and see for yourself.

Our clients compliment our no-pressure approach and communicative style. From the moment we connect, our Minnesota-based team is responsive, attentive, and transparent in helping you achieve your goals. Heck, we’re transparent even before you reach out by listing our pricing on our website.

The Jed Mahonis Group team casually standing around and awkwardly posing for a company photo.

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We've been there and done that.

We've fixed business problems for hundreds of organizations. We'll fix yours as well.

Kwikly Kwikly

Creating an on-demand ecosystem to connect offices with qualified dental professionals.

Read our Case Study

parrot.md parrot.md

Creating the Uber app equivalent for on-call physicians looking to trade shifts.

Read our Case Study

Target USA CUP Target USA CUP

Providing information and safety alerts for the world’s largest youth soccer tournament.

Read our Case Study

Want to learn more?

Visit our Pricing page to see app development costs or check out this collection of resources to learn more.

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Should I develop an app for iOS or Android?

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The Great Debate: Hybrid vs. Native Apps

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