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Once we understand your problem and we've got a plan for building a solution, it's time to get that plan put into motion.

What does it cost to build custom software?

The short answer: it depends on what type of solution you need. Once we understand the problem you have, we can architect a solution that will fit your given timeline and budget constraints.

Think about buying a house: a good real estate agent is going to ask what is important to you and what you are comfortable spending. Taking those data points, they will provide a list of houses that can fit your needs.

When you build a house, the possibilities become even greater. Not only do you need to consider location and size, but every single detail is up for negotiation. What type of knobs do you want on your kitchen drawers? How impressive should your entry way look? Do you want several smaller bedrooms, or a couple really big ones?

Building custom software is a lot like building a home. We can build pretty much anything you want, so our job becomes figuring out how to deliver the value you need within the budget you have.

That sounds great in theory, but you aren't on this page looking for a lofty explainer around theoretical prices, right?

Ballpark Pricing: What Ballpark Are You Playing In?

One of the first requests we get from prospective clients is for a "ballpark price"" for building out an app.

Ballparks are an interesting concept. As long as you have a stick, a ball, and some open land, you can theoretically play ball anywhere.

As you get bigger and more professional, you might find that the sandlot down the road won't quite cut it. It's time to move up to adding a backstop, some bleachers, perhaps some lights so you can play at night, and so forth.

Here are the four ballparks we have been playing in for nearly ten years, along with some case studies to show that we can knock it out of the park regardless of how far back the fence is.

Neighborhood Ballpark

Illustration of a small ballpark with trees lining the outfield

Types of projects:

  • Single platform (iOS, Android, or web) app with standard features
  • Automating a manual process
  • Proof of concept

Average cost: $30,000 - $50,000

Example case study:

Collegiate Ballpark

Illustration of a bigger ballpark with stands in the outfield

Types of projects:

  • Dual platform (both iOS and Android) apps with standard features
  • Cloud-based admin backend tool for storing and managing your data
  • Building a custom CMS/CRM using Ruby on Rails
  • PCI-compliant application for managing payments

Average cost: $50,000 - $100,000

Example case study: USA Cup

Semi-Professional Ballpark

Illustration of an even bigger ballpark with scoreboards and lights

Types of projects:

  • iOS and Android apps with advanced features (messaging, location tracking, Bluetooth integration)
  • Custom integration with one third-party service (i.e., Salesforce, Tableau, Marketo, Zapier, etc.)
  • Fractional CTO services (long-term technical planning, coordinating between several developers)
  • Building a custom API using Ruby on Rails

Average cost: $100,000 - $250,000

Example case study: TurnSignl

Professional Ballpark

Illustration of a large ballpark with lights, jumbotrons, and banners

Types of projects:

  • iOS and Android apps with premium features
  • Robust Ruby on Rails-powered API for your data
  • Full time development resources for several months
  • Multi-platform consolidation (getting your Salesforce data to sync with your app)
  • HIPAA/SOC 2-compliant applications

Average cost: $250,000+

Example case study: Profile by Sanford Health

What are your rates?

We know custom software is hard to estimate (trust us, we've had nearly 10 years of practice with doing it). We bill hourly for our services and tend to speak in terms of "hours". In that spirit, here are our rates for development services:

iOS, Android, and Ruby on Rails Development Services

Service Rate per hour
Senior Developer $200
Mid-level Developer $150
Junior Developer $75

Web (React/Vue/Angular) Development Services

Service Rate per hour
Senior Developer $150
Mid-level Developer $125
Junior Developer $75

Other Services

Service Rate per hour
UI/UX Design $150
Strategy $150
Project Management $100
Quality Assurance $75

Rates current as of November 2021 and are subject to change at any time.

I'd like more information!

Excellent, we'd love to help! Schedule a free consultation with a developer now or contact us for more information. We'll answer your questions and leave you with the correct ballpark for your project.

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Our app is done, what about keeping it up to date?

When you build a house, you're never actually "done." You have to constantly maintain your investment to keep it from crumbling over the years.

The same thing is true with an app. Once we're live in the app store, it's time to talk about long-term support and maintenance.

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