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Mockup of the Kevin Murphy ALL ACCESS app in an iPhone 11
Mockup of the Leakalyzer app in an iPad
Mockup of the Game Point app in a Google Pixel 4
Mockup of the Great Clips app in an Apple Watch

Here's what we've done.

Projects great clips
Great Clips
Projects green mill
Green Mill
Projects vsi
VSI Labs
Projects kevin murphy
Kevin Murphy
Projects leakalyzer
Projects kwikly
Projects mncraft beer
Projects game point
Game Point

Here's how we can help you.

App Consultation - Bring us your idea. We'll work with you to figure out how to bring that idea to life. (We'll also be honest and tell you if the idea is a complete turd.)

App Consultation

Strategy - The "gold rush" is over. These days, the only companies who make money in mobile are ones which have a plan for doing so. We help you figure out the best way to turn a profit with your app.


Design - We have a talented team of designers, but their job is more than making pretty pictures. We make sure your app is intuitive, sleek, and adheres to the ever-changing standards in mobile.


App Development - Instead of using a "one size fits all" framework which makes your app feel slow and quirky, we use native frameworks which make your iOS and Android app feel fast and professional.

App Development

Backend Development - We use an industry-standard, battle-tested framework called Ruby on Rails to build a cloud-based infrastructure for your app, which can scale to support as many users as you can throw at it.

Backend Development

Testing - Regression testing, automated testing, and good ol' fashioned quality assurance are what we use to make sure your app is fast, stable, and reliable.


Deployment - We'll help you navigate the app store submission process, fire up the servers, and get the app in the hands of your first real users. We also throw a mean pizza party.


Support - Operating systems change. Users request new features. Crashes happen. As your app grows, we're there to help keep it working like it did on day one.


The JMG team discussing an iPad app.

Consulting Services

We work with you to understand your unique business problems and provide custom software solutions that fit your goals and budget. Our analysis of your business's workflow and processes, combined with our experience, results in a strategy designed for success and scalability.

Accessibility Services

We build apps for optimum usability. Whether you’re building a new app or improving an existing app, we incorporate accessibility features to enhance your app’s versatility and reach the largest possible audience.

The JMG team working inside their office.
The JMG team hard at work (except maybe Aleckson, who is smiling at something off camera).

Improve an Existing App

Does your app have clunky functionality? Poor app store ratings? An inaccessible design? Declining growth? Did your previous developer take a new job? Or are you struggling to integrate your app into your organization’s workflow? Maybe it’s not meeting business goals, or on the contrary, it’s exceeded your vision and you need to expand to new platforms.

We’ll review your current app and leverage the most out of your existing code as possible to mitigate cost. We are experts at starting from scratch, but we deliver a best-in-class, client-centered experience even if you just need a band-aid fix.

What our clients say

"The Jed Mahonis Group wasn't the first place we reached out to. In fact, they were the last, and the ones who struck the biggest chord. Tim did the best job of understanding our product and laying out a solid plan on how we're going to execute, and that's where we felt the most comfortable."

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